Batavia Computing

Pricing & Services

Batavia Computing is an onsite computer repair business in Geraldton, we can visit your home or office to fix any of your computer problems. Some computers may need to be brought back for repairs, but don't worry, we pick up and drop off for you. Please see below for our pricing, if you have any questions then please contact us. 

Onsite Jobs 

Per half hour (half hour minimum) $50   


Offsite Jobs

Virus Removal  $100
New Computer Build (Standard) $100
Computer Backup, Format & Reinstall $200
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Virus Removal

We remove any viruses and spyware that can be found on your computer and fix changes that were made  by the virus. We also update your antivirus or install a free antivirus and run Windows updates. Some viruses can't be removed completely and sometimes the viruses cause so many problems that a Computer Backup, Format & Reinstall are recommended. This price includes pickup and dropoff.

New Computer Build

This includes building your computer from the ground up from the parts you choose (purchased from Batavia Computing or another retailer). We also install your operating system, Windows updates, drivers and antivirus and then deliver it to your door. Building your computer from parts you have purchased lets you claim the warranty length of each part rather than being given 12 months for a prebuilt computer. Most part warranties last for at least two years, so building your computer from parts you choose could save you a lot of money in the long term. If you purchase all of the parts from Batavia Computing then we will build your computer for FREE!

Computer Backup, Format & Reinstall

This includes backing up your data files (documents, pictures, music, emails etc.). Wiping the hard drive clean and then reinstalling the operating system, Windows updates, drivers, antivirus and programs. We then restore your data files back to the computer, deliver it and set it back up for you. If you have a printer then this will be reinstalled as well. In essence this returns your computer back to the way it was when you purchased it, fixing problems that aren't related to the computer's physical parts. Please note that programs will be deleted and will need to be reinstalled, and some can only be reinstalled with a license key such as Microsoft Office. If there are a large number of programs that you wish to have reinstalled then there may be an extra fee.